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Hi there, i’m a design researcher exploring the swampy lowlands of our ageing and technology futures

Call for Papers: Special Issue on "Connecting Older Adults to the Digital World" ︎ 
Abstract Deadline: March 1st, 2024

Post-doc: Enhancing Networks of Care
The University of Edinburgh
2023 - Present

This work focuses on supporting healthier and more resilient networks of care in later life by enhancing the practices, knowledge, and tools available to them. As collaborative design projects, we explore the role of community-led, service-enabled, and technology-driven networks of care.

Project: Carescapes of Later Life ︎
☞ Project: Caregiving Compass ︎
Project: Frictions of Care & Technology ︎
Project (2023): Care Futures ︎

Drawing on the findings of the CareTree cultural probe, which captured instances and notions of care in the lives of older adults, we are currently running group workshops to unpack the findings and consider ways of supporting more resilient local care infrastructure.

Report (2023): CareTree Cultural Probe Study ︎
☞ Presentation: Eliciting Networks & Ecologies of Care in Later Life
☞ Workshops: Early 2024

Caregiving Compass: Alternative Support Pathways for Informal Carers
University of Edinburgh

Responding to the strain on existing pathways to support informal carers, we are collaborating with carers to identify their priorities around support and potential alternative pathways to pilot.

☞ Briefing (2023): Lessons from Engaging Informal Carers ︎
Grant: Wellcome Trust iTPA Springboard Grant

Frictions of Care & Technology
Design Informatics, University of Edinburgh

As care technologies enable our practices of care, particularly passive forms that are convenient and seamless, we wonder how could the tacit frictions of care provide opportunities to negotiate consent, build trust & enhance care networks, re-imagining the role of technology.

☞ Debate (Forthcoming): Navigating Mediated Kinship & Care Ageing-in-Place
Presentation (Forthcoming): Tech Caregiving in Networks of Care
Workshops (WIP): Playing with Frictions in Design & Care

Care Futures: Generating Stories of Ageing, Care & Technology 
DCODE Training Network ︎

As older adults face a future that is more complicated and unpredictable than ever, I supported several PhD candidates in crafting stories that explore our ageing futures as provocations around how technology provides care.

Zine (2023): Eight short stories of Ageing, Care and Tech ︎

(Forthcoming) Playing with Persona: Highlighting older adults’ lived experience with the digital media

Hjorth, L., Sheahan, J., Figueiredo, B., Martin, D., Aleti, T., Reid, M.,

Exploring perceptions and practices of technology use and risk to understand how cultural probes like personas can offer us ways to connect playfully to lived experience to inform future imaginaries. Through personas, speculative fiction, and lived experience, we provide ways to rethink digital media in increasingly ageing futures.

2024 - Journey Mapping Long COVID: Agency and Social Support for Long-Hauling ︎

Figueiredo, B., Sheahan, J., Zheng, Z., Luo, R., Bird, S., Itsiopoulos, C., Wan, D.W.L., Jessup, R., Xenos, S.

Social Science & Medicine
To understand the experiences of individuals with long COVID, or "long-haulers," we mapped individual journeys towards providing a framework for potential healthcare interventions by mapping personal patient journeys. The resulting dimensions of patient agency and social support highlight the importance of person-centred interventions considering patients' unique experiences and environments.

2023 - An Overview of Long COVID Support Services in Australia and International Clinical guidelines, with a Proposed Care Model in a Global Context ︎

Luo, S., Zheng, Z., Bird, S.R., Plebanski, M., Figueiredo, B., ... Sheahan. J., Itsiopoulos, C.

Public Health Review
IIdentifying gaps among Australian Long COVID support services and guidelines, we reviewed electronic databases and seven government health websites to provide recommendations for future health programs. Our findings highlight an urgent need for innovative care models that address individual patient needs at an affordable cost. We propose a model focusing on patient-led self-care with further enhancement via multi-disciplinary care tools.

2023 - Commentary: Strength-based co-design that EMPOWERs – Lessons from codesigning with older adults ︎

Figueiredo, B., Aleti, T., Martin, D., Reid, M., Sheahan, J., Hjorth, L.

Journal of Services Marketing
We present the EMPOWER framework as a strength-based co-design methodological approach offering easy-to-remember empowering guidelines. Our framework includes seven guidelines to overcome common challenges in co-design research. The acronym EMPOWER refers to guidelines for extending, multiplying, publicising, outsourcing, widening, enabling and reflecting on co-design research.

2023 - Care Futures Zine ︎

Lee, Y., Liu, Y., Gil Salas, P., Surana, A., Sheahan, J.

DCODE Prototeam “Synthetica”
Our zine provides eight short stories depicting a scenario of ageing and care and technology's role in them. These stories act as provocations of interactions with technology that provides care. We read these stories to older adults who have lived experience with care technologies and had meaningful conversations and reflections together.

I acknowledge the peoples on whose lands I conduct my work, and respectfully acknowledge  Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.

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