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2024 - Journey Mapping Long COVID: Agency and Social Support for Long-Hauling ︎

Figueiredo, B., Sheahan, J., Zheng, Z., Luo, R., Bird, S., Itsiopoulos, C., Wan, D.W.L., Jessup, R., Xenos, S.

Social Science & Medicine
To understand the experiences of individuals with long COVID, or "long-haulers," we mapped individual journeys towards providing a framework for potential healthcare interventions by mapping individual patient journeys. The resulting dimensions of patient agency and social support highlight the importance of person-centred interventions that consider patients' unique experiences and their environment.

2023 - An Overview of Long COVID Support Services in Australia and International Clinical guidelines, with a Proposed Care Model in a Global Context ︎

Luo, S., Zheng, Z., Bird, S.R., Plebanski, M., Figueiredo, B., ... Sheahan. J., Itsiopoulos, C.

Public Health Review
Identifying gaps among Australian Long COVID support services and guidelines, we review of electronic databases and seven government health websites towards providing recommendations for future health programs. Our findings highlight an urgent need for innovative care models that address individual patient needs at an affordable cost. We propose a model that focuses on patient-led self-care with further enhancement via multi-disciplinary care tools.

2023 - Commentary: Strength-based co-design that EMPOWERs – Lessons from codesigning with older adults ︎

Figueiredo, B., Aleti, T., Martin, D., Reid, M., Sheahan, J., Hjorth, L.

Journal of Services Marketing
We present the EMPOWER framework as a strength-based co-design methodological approach that offers a set of easy-to-remember empowering guidelines. Our framework includes seven guidelines to overcome common challenges in co-design research. The acronym EMPOWER refers to guidelines for extending, multiplying, publicising, outsourcing, widening, enabling and reflecting on co-design research.

2023 - Care Futures Zine ︎

Lee, Y., Liu, Y., Gil Salas, P., Surana, A., Sheahan, J.

DCODE Prototeam “Synthetica”
Our zine provides eight short stories depicting a scenario of ageing and care and the role technology plays in them. These stories act as provocations of interactions with technology that provides care. We read these stories to older adults who have lived experience with care technologies and had meaningful conversations and reflections together. 

2023 - ICT and older adults in the City of Whittlesea ︎

Figueiredo, B., Peile, R., Aleti, T.,  Reid, M., Martin, D.M., Hjorth, L.,  Sheahan, J., Buschgens, M., Wall, G., & Grigg., A.

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
This report addresses three topics of interest to the City of Whittlesea for the development of support programs for older adults - aspirations of older adults to adopt technology, barriers preventing older adults from taking up technology, and strategies to support older adults. Considering how the COVID-19 pandemic saw the importance of digital engagement to fostering social inclusion for older adults, our findings see how critical literacy and support groups are to wellbeing and navigating barriers.

I acknowledge the peoples on whose lands I conduct my work, and respectfully acknowledge  Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.

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