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Enhancing Informal Networks of Care
Design Informatics,  University of Edinburgh
2023 - Present

At Design Infomatics and Advanced Care Research Centre, I am exploring how emerging technologies underpinned by data may support healthier, informal networks. As part of the ACRC work package on Understanding The Person In Context, I am co-ordinating co-design and design-led prototyping to support informal networks of care in the UK.

Work Package: Understanding The Person In Context, Advanced Care Research Centre ︎

Care-full MonitoringInvestigating more transparent and explainable in-home monitoring

☞ Alternative Pathways of Support: Co-designing new ways to access support for older informal caregivers     

DCODE “Synthetica” Zine (2023): Care Futures: AI-generated stories of ageing-in-place ︎

Long-COVID Patient journey 
Eat Health Move, RMIT University

Mapping the experiences of people with long-COVID, an interdisciplinary team conducteda 3-month study of patients experiences of long-COVID. Analysing daily issues and coping over this period, we visually map the health literacy, self-efficacy, enjoyment of life and eating, and physical activity habits with those suffering with long-COVID.

Program: Eat Health Move, a Multi-College Collaborative Research Project ︎

Worksafe by Design
School of Design, RMIT University
2021 - 2022

An initiative of the Safeness by Design program, In collaboration with WorkSafe Victoria, we employ research and design innovation to provoke conversations to direct the creation of safer urban environments.

Studio Report (2022): Future of Work Report ︎

Studio Report (2021): Enabling an Ageing Workforce Report ︎

Article (2022): Re-Imagining Industrial Design Education for the Contemporary Period ︎

Article (2022): Designing to Enable an Ageing Workforc︎

Co-designing Participatory ICT Strategies With Older Adults
Shaping Connections, RMIT University
2020 - 2022

Perceived risks remain are one of the main reasons many older adults do not engage with ICT and the digital economy. In better equipping older Australians to engage with the digital economy,  this study explored the perceived ICT risks that affect older Australians and co-designed strategies with them – connecting practices with perceptions.

Article (Under Review) Older people’s strategies to overcome ICT barriers in peer learning

Article (2023): Strength-based co-design that EMPOWERs – Lessons from codesigning with older adults ︎

Article (2022): Co-Creating ICT Risk Strategies with Older Australians ︎

Report (2022):  Co-designing Participatory Strategies With Older Adults ︎

Report (2021): Reducing Perceived Risk & Promoting Digital Inclusion ︎

Grant (2020): Australian Communications Consumer Action Network Grants Projects ︎

I acknowledge the peoples on whose lands I conduct my work, and respectfully acknowledge  Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.

©2023 Jacob Sheahan