Jacob Sheahan, PhD

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Enhancing Networks of Care
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Edinburgh
2023 - Present

Focusing on supporting healthier and more resilient networks of care, this project investigates how we can enhance the practices, knowledge, and tools available in later life. With three core threads, I am exploring the role of community-led, service-enabled, and technology-driven care networks.

Project - Improving Technology-supported Care Networks

Project - Designing for Ecologies of Care in Later Life

Project - Developing Support Pathways with Caregivers
☞ Briefing (2023): Lessons from Engaging Informal Carers ︎ ☞ Grant (2023-2024): Wellcome Trust iTPA Springboard Grant

Designing for Social Engagement in Later Life
PhD Researcher
RMIT University
2019 - 2023

Designing social engagement technologies with older Australians, my doctorate demonstrated how modes of interpretative flexibility can support interaction designers in co-creating with ageing communities.

Long-COVID Patient Journeys
Research Assistant
RMIT University

Recognising the lack of understanding around the experiences of people with long-term, I supported a 3-month study mapping patients' experiences. This analysis highlighted the role of agency and social support in their lives. 

Worksafe by Design
Research Assistant
RMIT University
2021 - 2022

In collaboration with WorkSafe Victoria, I supported the Safeness by Design ︎ undergraduate studio to employ research and design innovation and provoke conversations around creating safer urban environments.

☞ Report (2022): Future of Work Report ︎
☞ Article (2022): Re-Imagining Industrial Design Education ︎
☞ Report (2021): Enabling an Ageing Workforce Report ︎
☞ Article (2022): Designing to Enable an Ageing Workforce ︎

Co-designing Participatory ICT Strategies With Older Adults
Research Assistant
RMIT University
2020 - 2022


I acknowledge the peoples on whose lands I conduct my work, and respectfully acknowledge Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.

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