Jacob Sheahan, PhD

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Forthcoming Paper
Navigating Mediated Kinship & Care Ageing-in-Place

Sheahan, J.

Journal of Anthropology and Aging
Nearly three decades after Marilyn Strathern suggested the implications of innovation at birth, today, we are also grappling with technology's impact on later life. As assemblages of technologies have become essential to how and to whom we care, today, we also struggle with a future seemingly trapped by present choice as techno-determinist dogma appears to bind our society. Beyond imaginaries of robotically assisted and real-time monitored ageing, I examine how these new forms of kinship can serve us in realising “desirable” futures with the depth and aspirations so many have for ageing-in-place.

I acknowledge the peoples on whose lands I conduct my work, and respectfully acknowledge Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.

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