Title - Design for Healthy Ageing: Interactive places  of social engagement with older people
Supervision - Dr. Juan Sanin, Dr. Rohit Ashok KhotDistinguished Professor Larissa Hjorth
Abstract - Design for healthy ageing encompasses a wide range of research fields, societal concerns, and aspects of physical and cognitive wellbeing. Notably, researchers from both the Design and HCI fields have extensively studied the social participation of older people, resulting in designs employing emerging technologies to support ageing. Social engagement understood as the higher degrees of social participation, however, remains an unexplored and under-designed aspect of later life. This forms a lack of understanding around how to design socially engaging technologies for older people, as well as a need for evidence of their impacts and/or benefits. Responding to this gap in knowledge, this research comprises a central research study supported by complementary studies, in collaboration with communities, researchers and industries engaged by older Australians. 
Reflecting the circumstances brought on by the COVID19 pandemic, technologies focussed on bridging digital and physical experiences are being studied to collate data concerning pre-existing technology use by this cohort, towards co-creating and designing innovative concepts with older people. This is being achieved through constructive design research, which involves making things as a way of producing valuable new knowledge, a methodology that is traditionally driven by technology but increasingly beneficial in societal contexts. The resulting creation of designed social engagement artefacts will inform a conceptual design framework for designing such technologies towards healthy ageing.
Keywords - Healthy Ageing, Social Engagement Technology, Interaction Design, Social Design
Scholarship - Co-designing Social and Digital Innovations for Ageing Futures (RMIT Design & Creative Practice ECP)
2nd Milestone Report​​​​​​​

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