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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Jan 2023 - Present

Design Informatics,
University of Edinburgh
☞ Co-Designing Value in Informal Care : developing rich understandings of how value in informal care for later life is understood and constructed and how these could be supported through emerging technologies.
☞ Design Research: Working with participants, their families and carers, health and care workers, businesses and service providers to understand how emerging technologies underpinned by data may support healthier, informal networks.
☞ Interdisciplinary Collaboration:
Contributing to the ACRC,  a multi-disciplinary research programme combining research across fields including medicine and other care professions, engineering, informatics, data and social sciences.

Institute for Design Informatics ︎ designs systems for better human data interaction, in diverse settings such as health, culture, mobility and finance. We explore design from, with, and by data: the central concern is the design of flows of data that sustain and enhance human values.

Research Assistant
Aug - Nov 2022

Long-COVID Patient Journey, RMIT School of Health & Biomedical Sciences
☞ Qualitative Methods & Analysis: Conducting participant interviews, collating and analysing long-study data to develop health journey and experience maps.
☞ Co-design Research: Co-ordinating and conducting sessions with long-COVID patients to co-design health journey maps using their data points.
☞ Interdisciplinary Collaboration:
Supporting researcher from Allied Health, Applied Science, Customer experience and marketing.

Eat Move Heal ︎ is a multi-school, multi-College collaborative research project with external partners Northern Health, City of Whittlesea and SaferCare Victoria, aims to co-design diet, nutrition, exercise and mental health support tools to recovery (brain, heart, immune system) from long COVID-19.

Research Assistant
Sept 2021 - Nov 2022

Safeness by Design, RMIT School of Design
☞ (2022) Future of Work: Literature review, coordination of WorkSafe student studio and report.
☞ (2021) Enabling an Ageing Workforce:
Literature review and development of WorkSafe report.

Safeness by Design ︎, an initiative emerging from RMIT University’s School of Design, aims to enhance health, wellbeing, and social values by using design to achieve actual and evident safeness across various environments and contexts.

Research Assistant
Aug 2020 - August 2022

Shaping Connections, RMIT School of Economics, Finance & Marketing

☞ Qualitative Methods & Analysis: Conducted remote interviews and workshops for thematic analysis.
☞ Logistics & Accessibility: Coordinated with participants, producing all materials to ACCAN standards.
☞ Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Engaged with professionals and specialists towards achieving goals.

Shaping Connections ︎ research program brings together academics and stakeholders with a variety of expertise and seeks insights on connectedness and technology use among older Australians to better understand and enhance social inclusion and participation.

Sessional Lecturer

Industrial Design, RMIT School of Design

☞ Teaching Fundamentals: Organised class material, taught weekly tutorials, and assessed students’ work.
☞ Design Studies Course:
Developing the context and stucture for the Materials of Ageing course.

The Materials of Ageing Course: This course explores how older people continue to be unsupported and misrepresented by the products and services meant to support later life. With the technification of later life, we seek to engage with older people to understand their concerns around being left behind and develop responsive design initiatives.

I acknowledge the peoples on whose unceded lands I conduct my work. I respectfully acknowledge their Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.

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