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2019 - InsideOut: Playing with Real-time Video Images of the Gastrointestinal Tract via Imaging Capsules ︎

Li, Z., Sheahan, J., Wang, Y., Greuter, S., Mueller, F.

CHI PLAY 2019. Work-in-Progress. 
An imaging capsule is a pill-shaped device used to record images of the user's gastrointestinal tract. Existing research mainly focuses on the imaging capsule's functional perspective, while its experiential perspective is usually overlooked. To explore this, we introduce a playful system called InsideOut where the player wears an iPad to display the real-time images of their gastrointestinal tract captured by an imaging capsule. Players can interact with the images by performing bodily movements which are mapped to image transformations such as rotation and scaling. With this work, we aim to inspire game designers and researchers to design playful and engaging experiences around imaging capsules.

I acknowledge the peoples on whose unceded lands I conduct my work. I respectfully acknowledge their Ancestors and Elders, past, present and emerging.

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