Aug 2020 - Present
About: As the COVID19 pandemic has highlighted, digital engagement is crucial in fostering social inclusion. Social exclusion is a significant threat to the wellbeing of older adults. This project will design strategies in conjunction with older consumers to incorporate their lived experiences of communications technology, to assist seniors to manage security risks to be better equipped to engage with the digital economy.
     • Research Assistant (Interview management, Semi-structured interviewing, thematic analysis, workshop facilitation)
     • PhD Research (Cultural Probes, Co-design Technology Workshops)
Partners: University of the 3rd Age; Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN)
Shaping Connections: This research program brings together academics and stakeholders with a variety of expertise in areas such as consumer behaviour, social marketing, consumer culture theory, and design innovation management. The program seeks insights on connectedness and technology use among older Australians, to better understand and enhance social inclusion and participation.
(Forthcoming) Figueiredo, B., Aleti, T., Reid, M., Martin, D. M.,  Hjorth, L.,  Buschgens, M.,& Kutin, J., & Sheahan, J. (2021). Reducing Perceived Risk and Promoting Digital Inclusion for older Australians.  Australian Communications Consumer Action Network, Sydney.

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