Tovertafel (Magic Table) Credit: Job Jansweijer

The Materials of Ageing: designing the interactions of later life.
Design Studies, Industrial Design, RMIT University (2021 - )
Interaction Design, found at the crossroads of Industrial Design and Human-Computer Interaction disciplines, explores the intricacies and elements which build the increasingly augmented environments which surround us today. The materiality of these interactions, the combination and merging of different components, both “material” or “immaterial”, is no longer limited to having to organise things on a screen or visualise information. Rather, interaction design is more and more about physical design, fashion, and style, about designing a wide range of interactive and computational elements to work with other physical materials, objects and even our bodies. 
While we are presented with intuitive and immersive digital experiences which cater for us, older people continue to unsupported and misrepresented by the products and services meant to support later life. However, like wider society, the technification of later life continues, even as many older people fear being left behind and losing contact with the communities they rely on. Tracing our way through the historical, social, political, and technical facets of ageing with technology, this course will help you critique the interaction design that perpetuates this status quo with the question: how can designers use the materials of interactions to improve ageing for those in later life?

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