Title - Design for Healthy Ageing: Interactive places  of social engagement with older people
Supervision - Dr. Juan Sanin, Dr. Rohit Ashok KhotDistinguished Professor Larissa Hjorth
Abstract - This research explores the design of interactive places for social engagement through technology for older people. It has developed in response to an evolving discourse across Design and HCI research about the implications of designing interactive technologies for participation in social activities, as a fundamental aspect of healthy ageing. However, a lack of understanding of how to design socially engaging technologies as well as their impacts and/or benefits exists, alongside a need for further applications and theory around their use in interactive places. Social engagement is investigated as the higher degrees of social participation activities, such as collaborating and helping others, as well as contributing to community and society change. Through a methodology of experimental programmatic design research, a series of experiments to design social engagement activities for and with older people will lead to empirical arguments for understanding around social engagement technologies and their benefits and impacts. As practice-based research, this will be achieved in compositional interaction design approach, facilitating the co-creation and design-evaluation of epistemic artefacts for critical reflection. Leading towards the notion and demonstration of interactive places of healthy ageing, these epistemic artefacts will be composed by a conceptual and theoretical design framework for social engagement activities.
Keywords - Ageing, Social Engagement, Interactive Technology, Compositional Interaction Design
Scholarship - Co-designing Social and Digital Innovations for Ageing Futures (RMIT Design & Creative Practice ECP)
Confirmation Milestone Report​​​​​​​

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